Let's Get Started!

"Service, impact, and leadership are the objectives and measurements. Use these as your criteria to consider, select, develop, and evaluate your project." Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive

Step One

Taking the first steps are an important foundation. How to chose a project that will be approved......

Step Two

BEFORE you start your project, you must complete the project approval process!.....

Step Three

Complete your Eagle Requirements & Eagle Packet. Click here to make sure you don't leave anything out!....

Step Four

Submit your paperwork & prepare for your Eagle Board of Review......

What to Expect

Carefully follow the steps above. It's important that you do not begin your project before you have received proper approval. You will first need to collect approval signatures from the project beneficiary, a troop committee member, and your scout leader, before seeking the final District approval signature.

After you have received the three signatures, you will submit your project plan for approval from the District Eagle Committee through this website. The District Eagle committee will review it and may have some questions for you. They may also ask you to make some changes and additions to help you to ensure your project will pass National BSA requirements. When you have made the suggested changes, you will be invited to come before the Approval board to discuss your plan and receive District approval.

Once you have received approval, you may begin work on your project. When you have finished your project and completed the required paperwork, you will turn it in to the District Eagle Committee and will then be invited to come before an Eagle Board of Review to report on your project and ensure the requirements have been met.

You should expect that the process of achieving your Eagle Rank and completing all the requirements will take several months.

Important Deadlines

Life Rank - You must achieve Life Rank prior to beginning the Eagle Project process. Also important to know is that once a Life Scout, you must serve in an approved Scouting Leadership Position for at least 6 months to be eligible for Eagle Rank. See Step 3 for more details. You do not need to wait 6 months to do your Eagle Project or work on other Eagle Rank requirements.

18th Birthday - All Eagle projects must be approved, project completed, all requirements met, paperwork finished, signed and dated, and turned in to the district all BEFORE your 18th Birthday. This is a lengthy and time consuming process, do not delay. There is always the chance that something may be missing from your paperwork or other conditions beyond your control may arise to cause you to miss this deadline. Step 3 will help you to know if your Eagle Packet paperwork is complete. Check it thoroughly before you submit it!

Within 3 months after your 18th Birthday - You have 3 months after your 18th Birthday to complete the final requirement of attending an Eagle Board of Review held by the District. Please see Step Four for more details. Do not wait until the last month.

If you are 17 and 1/2 and have not started your project, you will need to get started asap in order to finish in time!

Get Help

Eagle Coaches are a great resource! Go to step one for more information on how to find an Eagle Coach and what they can do for you!

The website is packed full of helpful information on how to complete your project. If you can't find the answers to your questions on the website or with your Eagle Coach, you can click on the Help link above to access the Help Forums and get answers to any questions you may have. You may also contact us through the Contact Us link as well. We are here to help!